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OEM Kia Parts for Sale Near Edmonton, AB

Replacing your Kia’s parts is a critical part of maintenance and keeping your car roadworthy for the foreseeable future. Whether you choose to do your own maintenance or take your Kia to a vehicle service center, you should know what parts are being used in the work being done. When push comes to shove, these mechanical pieces are essential to the success of your vehicle, and need to be of good quality. That is why we at Sherwood Kia always use and recommend others use OEM Kia parts.

What are the Benefits of Using OEM Auto Parts?

There are a number of aftermarket auto parts that can technically be used in your Kia vehicle and work for a period of time. However, aftermarket parts are not designed to work specifically with your model or engine and may require more frequent replacements or impact the vehicle’s level of performance. OEM auto parts are designed by the manufacturer of your vehicle and are engineered to operate within your model for optimal functionality just as the original parts did. While aftermarket parts are less expensive, OEM parts offer an extended lifetime and more reliability, which will save you money in the long run. 

Kia Parts vs Accessories - What’s the Difference?

You may have heard two different terms thrown around in regard to pieces of equipment for your vehicle: parts and accessories. What’s the difference? Well, while Kia parts are pieces that help your vehicle run properly, Kia accessories are decor or pieces to customize your car. Kia parts include various things, from brake pads and rotors to vehicle tires, spark plugs and air filters. All of these parts are essential to keeping your Kia on the road and reliable. 

Kia accessories, on the other hand, are for fun. These are used to personalize your car, truck or SUV however you’d like. From interior features like the gear shift or floor mats to exterior accessories like roof racks or embellished grilles, there is something for everyone. And at Sherwood Kia, we have auto accessories for sale to fit almost any need or desire. So if you are looking to make your vehicle your own, we are here to help you do just that.

Contact Sherwood Kia Today

When you are going to perform maintenance or customization on your vehicle, or have it done by someone else, you always want to ensure that it gets the best treatment possible. That best treatment comes from utilizing OEM auto parts and accessories. So if you want to use genuine parts, or want to work with a service center that always does so, then contact us at Sherwood Kia. We look forward to helping your maintain or customize your Kia. 

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*Kia Genuine replacement parts (except battery) installed by an Authorized Kia Dealer under warranty are covered for the greater of (1) the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or (2) the first 12 months from the date of installation of the Kia Genuine replacement parts or 12,000 miles.