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Value Your Trade


What Does ‘Vehicle Trade’ Mean?

When shopping for a new car, you will often see the option to apply a vehicle trade-in to your purchase. If you have never done this before, you may not know exactly what it means or know the benefits to doing so. In short, a vehicle trade means selling your current car, truck, or SUV to the dealership and applying its value to your next purchase. This will bring down the cost you will pay out of pocket or finance for your new ride, which can be a life saver. There is no denying the fact that this is beneficial, but how do you know what your current vehicle is worth? Here at Sherwood Kia, we make finding that out easy.

How to Find the Value of Your Car

To get an estimate of how much your current vehicle could lower the price of the new one, utilize the Kelly Blue Book tool above. To get the best possible estimate, be sure to complete the form to the best of your knowledge. With information such as your vehicle’s make and model, its mileage, and its current condition, the tool will give you a range that your car is likely worth. This will give you a great estimate to get started on the shopping process. When you are ready to get an exact value, you can swing by our dealership to get a solid number and begin shopping. We are committed to making everything as transparent and easy as possible for you as the customer.

I Know My Vehicle’s Value – Now What?

Once you have the value of your trade-in vehicle, what’s the next step? If you have a car in mind that you are looking to purchase with this credit, you can contact us or swing by the dealership to get started on the purchase! If you still are not sure and are researching different options, you can sift through our online inventory to find something that fits in your budget. If you want a vehicle that you can purchase outright with the value of your old one, you can filter the used cars for sale to find one in the perfect price range. If you are looking to use your trade toward a new Kia vehicle, you can start looking at what choices we have on our lot online as well. Knowing your vehicle’s value can help you determine your budget and find a new car that fits into it and meets all of your needs. 

Vehicle Trade-In FAQ

Can I trade in my vehicle if it has an outstanding balance?

Yes, you can trade in your vehicle even if it has an outstanding auto loan balance. That said, you will want to be sure the value you are receiving is enough to pay off the loan and contribute to the new car. At Sherwood Kia, we will take care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you, ensuring everything is taken care of correctly.

How do I know I am getting the most out of my trade?

At Sherwood Kia, we believe in upfront and honest sales and customer service. We use the Kelly Blue Book international pricing tool to give you extra assurance that you are getting most out of your trade.

What other numbers matter when I am buying a new car?

Of course, your trade is not the only number that matters when you are buying a new car. While it is an important part of the buying process, you will also want to look at your own monthly income to help evaluate an overall budget, and use our monthly car payment tool to get a good idea of how much you can realistically afford in your overall purchase.