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Kia Dealer

Car salesman talking to a customer at a Kia dealer
When you start shopping for a car, you have a lot of options available to you and a lot of decisions to make. Even if you have decided on a Kia for your next vehicle, it is still important that you choose the right Kia dealer that will offer you a fantastic selection of vehicles and the best shopping experience possible. Here at Sherwood Kia, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We have been here for over 20 years offering great vehicles and world-class customer service to all of our friends and neighbours throughout the Edmonton area. Come visit us at Sherwood Kia today and discover why we are one of the largest Kia dealerships in Canada!

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What It Takes to Be a Great Kia Dealer

As one of the first Kia dealers to open in the Edmonton area, we have been selling great vehicles to our customers for more than two decades. In that time, we have found that being the best does not require fancy tricks or tactics––people really want excellent vehicles and to work with a team of professionals who really understand what they need. That is exactly what you will get with us at Sherwood Kia and why we have been the top volume Kia dealer in Canada numerous times.

It all starts with our amazing team of people here at Sherwood Kia. To us, people are what really make or break any business, not just a dealership, which is why we have worked so hard to build our remarkable team. From our friendly and straightforward salespeople to our knowledgeable financing experts and everyone else here at our lot, we make sure our team is treated with the same respect and integrity that we show our customers. Our focus is on providing you with the best customer service possible, which is a lot easier with the right people.

We also have a fantastic selection of vehicles here at Sherwood Kia. While our team is and always has been our focus, they cannot help you very much if we do not have the vehicle you want. That is why we maintain a terrific inventory of both new and used models, including a wide range of Kia vehicles, so we can help you get just what you need. Whether you know what you want or feel overwhelmed by options, we will make sure you drive away completely happy.

But the sale is just the beginning for us at Sherwood Kia. We believe in building long-term relationships with all of our customers, which means providing you with repairs and service for many years to come. When life throws obstacles in your way, it is important to know who you can turn to and rely on for help, which is why our Kia service center and parts departments are here for you. With shuttle service, loaner vehicles, complimentary Wi-Fi and Starbucks beverages, and a comfortable service lounge for you to relax in, we do everything we can to take the hassle out of making sure your vehicle remains in great shape.

Car salesperson handing a set of keys to a smiling customer

Why Choose a Kia?

For decades now, Kia has been one of the most popular and exciting car companies in the industry, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Kia models are known for many things, but they are often recognized for their sleek styling and pleasing design that makes you want to experience how it feels to drive them. Along with this gorgeous aesthetic, you cannot help but notice numerous luxury details and touches, both inside and out, that work together to create a sophisticated and comfortable feel. Kia vehicles are not about expensive exclusivity, but they are not afraid to make you feel like you are treating yourself every time you get behind the wheel and go for a drive.

Inside Kia models, you will find a wide range of impressive technology features that make driving them a true pleasure. While some car companies seem to go overboard with technology in an attempt to impress, tech features in Kia models are perfectly balanced for both form and function. Best of all, Kia leads the industry with some of the most impressive and reliable safety features and systems in its vehicles. Nothing else about a car really matters if it cannot help keep you and your loved ones safe, which is why we are so pleased every year as Kia continues to push the standard for safety technology further.

Financing a Kia

Although we know that figuring out financing is not most people's favourite part of shopping for a vehicle, it is a very important aspect of it. To help with this, our financing experts ensure you are aware of all your options and make the financing process as simple and hassle-free as possible. No matter what your financial situation looks like, we will do everything we can to help you figure out a solution that gets you a great vehicle and fits your budget. For some people, this means leasing a vehicle to enjoy everything a brand-new Kia has to offer without making the long-term commitment of owning one. There can be some confusion about Kia financing with a lease, however, so let's clear a few things up:

What Is a Lease?

Leasing a car is similar to leasing an apartment. You enjoy a brand-new car for a set period of time, usually two or three years, and then return it without buying the vehicle. You pay for the depreciation that you put on the vehicle while enjoying it rather than buying the car.

Closeup of a person signing auto financing paperwork at a Kia dealer

How Does Leasing a Kia Work?

Kia makes leasing incredibly simple and allows us to work with a wide range of customers. In many ways, it is similar to getting a loan––you apply for and can be approved for a lease agreement quickly and easily. After that, you simply make your payments each month to Kia, and they offer numerous online tools to make this simple.

Are There Restrictions With a Lease?

When you lease a Kia, you agree to use the vehicle for a set period of time, and there are restrictions on how many kilometres you can drive it each year. You can choose a mileage limit that works for you and even purchase extra kilometres if you need them. Otherwise, just be sure to follow the service schedule and keep the leased vehicle in good condition.

What Happens When the Lease Ends?

At the end of the lease, you simply bring your vehicle back to us, fill out some final paperwork, and that is all there is to it. Once you return your leased Kia, you can choose to buy it if you cannot bear to part with it, look for a new model to lease, or consider any other vehicle you want.
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Edmonton's Highest-Rated Kia Dealer

No matter what you are looking for in your next vehicle, we are here to help you find it and ensure you get a great Kia that you will enjoy for many years to come. Being in business takes more than hard work; it requires an effort to always put our customers first and to provide the highest level of care and service each and every day. We are the Edmonton area's highest-rated Kia dealership, which is something we take tremendous pride in as we keep going the extra kilometre to ensure we stay on top. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible, whether you are shopping for a new vehicle, need service for your car, or simply want to discuss what is coming soon in Kia's lineup. Contact us or swing by the dealership today.