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Kia SUVs

Two Kia SUVs, a red and a white 2021 Kia Soul, parked on pavement in front of mountains
Whether you're looking for a family-friendly SUV or a crossover to navigate your daily commute, you'll find all that and more here at Sherwood Kia. We carry the entire lineup of new and used Kia SUVs, and our friendly team can't wait to help you find your perfect model. But what makes Kia's lineup so unique? What does Kia offer Canadian drivers that no other automaker delivers?Kia is the third largest automaker in the world and is renowned for delivering exceptional value and innovation with every model, especially its SUVs. While other automakers require drivers to sacrifice affordability for luxury or modern technology, Kia doesn't ask customers to compromise or settle for less. This approach has defined the company since it got its start producing bicycle components in Korea in the 1940s.

As Kia expanded into the automotive industry and introduced its lineup to Canadian drivers, the automaker never lost sight of its original mission––to make dreams come true by delivering unparalleled products, services, and customer experiences. We're proud to be a part of that mission at Sherwood Kia, where our passion for Kia is contagious. We love everything Kia stands for and offers, which makes our jobs incredibly rewarding.

What can you expect from the leading Kia dealer in the area? How does Kia's expansive lineup of SUVs meet every driving, budget, and style need? We're thrilled to answer those questions as we take a closer look at our dealership, services, and Kia's entire SUV fleet.

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Who We Are: Your Premier Kia Dealer

Did you know that choosing the right dealership is the most important decision you'll make when purchasing a vehicle? A dealership sets the tone for your experience and can dramatically impact whether you're excited or overwhelmed by the process. Think about when you bought your last vehicle and your experience with the dealership. Were you pressured into a quick sale, or were your needs fully met and your questions answered?

The team here at Sherwood Kia recognizes our vital role in your car-buying experience and is dedicated to adding excitement to the process. As a comprehensive automotive center, we're here to oversee all your automotive needs, starting with forming a genuine relationship with you. We're interested in your current vehicle and how it falls short of your expectations or how it no longer serves you and your family. By making you a priority, we shift the focus from the sale and showcase our commitment to tailoring your shopping experience to your specific needs.

Every customer comes to us with unique needs, so the car-buying process should never take a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, you may be shopping for a spacious Kia SUV for your growing family, while another customer is looking for an efficient SUV to navigate their weekday commute. By building a meaningful relationship and getting to know every customer, we consider these differences and ensure the entire experience is perfectly tailored to your needs. This approach distinguishes us from other dealerships in the region and delivers unparalleled experiences to every customer who walks through our door.

Kia Soul and Soul EV

In the early 2000s, Kia was determined to attract a younger demographic of drivers and tasked its design team with developing a vehicle that would accomplish that feat. Mike Torpey was new to the team and took the project seriously, brainstorming ideas as a documentary on wild boars played on the television in the background. Torpey discovered that wild boars have a prominent role in Korean culture and immediately found inspiration for a new vehicle design. He sketched a quick caricature of a wild boar, adding a backpack to give it a unique, boxy stance that reflected its capability and strength. The Kia Soul was born.

The Soul debuted in 2010 and made a lasting impression with its boxy silhouette and aggressive stance that distinguished it in the Kia lineup. It also proved that looks could be deceiving, as the small SUV revealed a spacious cabin with ample room for passengers and cargo. This functional design earned the Soul widespread acclaim as it blended its unmatched design with practicality, advanced technology, and an engaging and dynamic driving experience.

Since its debut, the five-seat Soul has only improved with age, adding advanced technology, modern conveniences, and more capable powertrains. The Soul EV takes these improvements one step further, with its capable electric powertrain answering the demands for a greener and more efficient SUV. As a result, Soul EV adds to the award-winning Soul's appeal as a quirky SUV that continues to evolve.

Orange 2022 Kia Seltos driving through the snow

Kia Seltos

Kia is constantly improving its lineup to attract new generations of drivers, which we see firsthand with the Seltos. Designed for young, tech-savvy drivers, the Seltos is a "right-sized urban-ready crossover" that's perfect for navigating everything from congested urban areas to straightaways and beyond. This versatility makes the Seltos, which offers seating for five, a must-have for Canadian drivers looking for a dynamic experience in the driver's seat.

When you look at Kia Seltos' for sale, you may first notice its distinctive design, differentiating itself from the boxy Soul by sharing more design cues with the larger Telluride. Its delicate detailing and sleek lines add to its bold aesthetic, while its higher ground clearance and tiger nose grille give it an imposing and aggressive stance that guarantees it's ready for whatever the road demands. Inside, Kia's keen attention to detail is apparent, with the Seltos boasting premium materials and various conveniences that make every journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Kia's success at delivering exceptional value is at the forefront of the Seltos, which offers an abundance of technology. These cutting-edge features include connectivity tools that ensure you stay connected and informed when behind the wheel. Behind the scenes, advanced safety and driver-assist tools add confidence and peace of mind by actively minimizing the potential for a collision and enhancing your visibility and awareness anytime you're navigating the road.

Kia Niro, Niro PHEV, and Niro EV

The Niro is an award-winning hybrid SUV renowned for its versatility and engaging driving demeanour. First introduced in 2017, the Niro turned heads when it exchanged Kia's traditional continuously variable transmission for a dual-clutch alternative that made it more fun and dynamic to drive. The swap proved lucrative, making the Niro one of Kia's top sellers worldwide. However, Kia didn't stop there.

The compact crossover SUV with its traditional hybrid engine wasn't enough for Kia, as the automaker worked to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Those demands meant designing a more efficient alternative, prompting the debut of a plug-in hybrid variant. The result was phenomenal, with the Niro PHEV adding the option for electric-only propulsion over short distances.

With the Niro PHEV proving the SUV's efficiency, Kia again raised the bar and released the all-electric Niro EV. This electric SUV combines the Niro's expansive suite of technology with an all-electric powertrain that promises a broad driving range and convenient recharging that makes it easy for drivers to say "yes" to more on-road adventures. The option of three different powertrains gives the Niro a unique trifecta in the SUV segment, allowing it to answer individual needs among drivers looking for a fully-equipped SUV that offers everything from hybrid and all-electric power.

Kia Sportage, Sportage HEV, and Sportage PHEV

The Sportage is the oldest SUV in Kia's current lineup and was first introduced in the early 1990s. At the time, Kia had partnered with Ford and Mazda to exchange its cost-effective manufacturing facilities for more modern technology. As a result, the first-generation Sportage was built on the same platform as the Mazda Bongo but failed to impress drivers despite being offered as a five-door SUV or three-door convertible.

After a full redesign, the Sportage returned to the Kia lineup, bigger and better than its predecessor. Built on a new platform, the Sportage's updated design and advanced technology added to its appeal. In addition, its expansive suite of safety features and improved build quality earned it high safety ratings and reliability scores across the industry, enticing more drivers to invest in the compact crossover.

The Sportage has continued to flourish, with each generation introducing modern design elements, premium features, and new technology that add to its allure and overall value. Kia also takes great care in making the Sportage fun to drive, equipping newer models with unique driving modes that let drivers harness the full capability of the Sportage's powertrain. The latest additions to the Sportage lineup are the Sportage HEV and Sportage PHEV, bringing hybrid efficiency to Kia's best-selling SUV. These new additions, and the SUV's efficient and powerful engine options, make the Sportage incredibly fun and responsive in any condition.

Red 2022 Kia EV6 driving through a garage

Kia EV6

The EV6 made history as Kia's first dedicated battery electric compact crossover. Unlike the Niro EV or Soul EV, which are based on existing platforms, the EV6 is designed on Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), giving it a unique advantage over its siblings because it's explicitly designed as an electric vehicle. This modular platform allows the EV6 to answer a broader range of driving needs, offer a larger and more functional cabin, and provide improved driving dynamics. The result is phenomenal.

Officially debuting in Canada in 2022, the EV6 is a versatile crossover that possesses Kia's signature design cues with its LED lighting and bold exterior aesthetic. The EV6's dedicated electric platform gives the SUV a functional interior enhanced by Kia's modern design and high-tech features that put everything the driver needs within immediate view or reach. These features range from advanced safety and driver-assist technology to smartphone connectivity and navigational tools that allow the driver to expertly and confidently navigate the road ahead.

The EV6's dedicated electric platform also gives the SUV a distinct advantage because it allows drivers to choose the perfect powertrain configuration for their driving needs. The options include rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, as well as standard-range and long-range battery options, guaranteeing the EV6 can be the ideal fit for every driver, while the SUV's patented multi-charging system eliminates any guesswork when it's time to plug in and recharge. Kia takes this convenience one step further by offering an available heat pump system on Canadian models to improve the EV6's range even in frigid conditions.

Kia Sorento, Sorento HEV, and Sorento PHEV

The second oldest SUV in Kia's lineup is the best-selling Sorento, which debuted in 2003 as a compact SUV built on a body-on-frame platform. And whether you get behind the wheel of a new or a used Kia Sorento, you will be pleasantly surprised by a number of features. The first-generation Sorento and its truck platform offered four-wheel drive and a multi-engine lineup, making it an enticing option for drivers looking for an efficient and capable SUV that could handle itself off the pavement. This capability was only bettered by the Sorento's long list of standard features, which extended from its sound system to its power windows and functional cargo area.

The Sorento's early success prompted Kia to make a few significant changes to the model for its second generation, exchanging its body-on-frame platform for a unibody design that converted the compact SUV into a midsize crossover. The transformation was well-received, with the Sorento offering new features and technology that were not yet available in the Kia lineup. Moreover, this exclusivity set a precedent for the Sorento's future, earning it numerous awards for its overall value and safety ratings.

This trend has continued over the years, with the fourth-generation Sorento now providing more capability and technology than ever. Kia delivers and outfits the SUV with more efficient and capable powertrains that give Canadian drivers the performance and comfort they need. This includes new hybrid and plug-in hybrid options for more efficient travels with your family. These updates make the Sorento a top choice in Kia's SUV lineup, earning it widespread acclaim for meeting every need with ease.

A person is shown walking next to a 2022 Kia Telluride SX parked in an alleyway.

Kia Telluride

The three-row Telluride is the largest in Kia's SUV lineup, offering seats for up to eight passengers and ample room for cargo. The Telluride's expansive layout makes it a top choice for families and adventurers who appreciate the versatility of a three-row design without having to sacrifice performance and responsiveness. This balance proves that the Telluride can deliver the best of both worlds, defying the expectation that a three-row SUV has to be cumbersome to handle.

The Telluride accomplishes this remarkable feat with its capable powertrain and selectable drive modes that let drivers harness the engine's power and capability according to the terrain or conditions. Additional features like the Telluride's available all-wheel drive system improve handling on slippery terrain and add to the Telluride's appeal among Canadian drivers. It's an SUV that's not only spacious and capable, but it delivers the confidence you need to navigate any and every condition in Canada's vast landscape and diverse climate.

Beyond the Telluride's capability, the SUV also does something remarkable by offering many standard features that are only available as options on competing models. These features, which range from a premium sound system and wireless smartphone charging to heated seats, add exceptional value to the Telluride and give it an edge over the competition. As a result, the Telluride has earned continuous praise and is the most awarded SUV in Kia's rich history.
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What does it mean to shop for a Kia SUV? It means never having to settle for less in a vehicle. Kia's lineup of SUVs guarantees as much by meeting every need, whether you're looking for something unique like the Soul or spacious like the Telluride. You'll find it all in a Kia SUV, especially when you shop at Sherwood Kia.

As your premier Kia dealer, we're excited to welcome you into the Sherwood Kia family and show you what it means to work with a team fully invested in your future on the road. We can help you find the perfect SUV for your needs and ensure it fits within your budget so that you have confidence in your purchase and more money in your wallet. But our work doesn't stop there; it's only beginning.

We're a comprehensive Kia dealer that's here for all your automotive needs. From sale to service and every automotive necessity or concern in between, Sherwood Kia is proud to show you that buying and owning a Kia is a rewarding, exciting, and enjoyable experience. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to experience the difference for yourself and visit Sherwood Kia, your automotive home away from home!