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Sell My Car

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Your travel requirements may have changed, or you may be evaluating your finances, causing you to ask yourself, "should I sell my car?" After all, if you're not driving your car as much these days and you're still paying for it, why not save some money and sell it? On the other hand, maybe it's paid off, and you'd like some extra cash to buy something you really want. Either way, selling your car is worth looking into. We at Sherwood Kia are ready to buy your vehicle, showcasing an easy and convenient process and a friendly team of professionals to help you enjoy a stress-free experience.

When you sell to a dealership like us, you'll experience an efficient way to go about the arduous process of selling a vehicle. At Sherwood Kia, we take care of all the details, so you don't have to worry about a thing. From evaluating your vehicle to offering you a competitive value for it, you can count on us when selling your car. Sherwood Kia is the best option for selling your vehicle, and if you're wondering about the entire process, we're here to help you see why so many Sherwood Park drivers turn to us when they want a dealership they can trust.

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Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

First and foremost, selling a car to a dealership is quick and convenient. When you try to go about the process on your own, you're responsible for all aspects of the sale. You need to market the car effectively to try and reach the right buyers, sift through potential buyers, and haggle over prices. This can take up more time than you realize, which means you're not getting paid for the vehicle right away. When you choose to sell your car to us, this is all avoided, and we pay you immediately so you can walk away with the money you deserve.

You also get to take advantage of top value for your vehicle, as we consider fair market values and the condition of your car to determine what you will be offered for your vehicle. This isn't the case when you sell privately, as many potential buyers will try to get a lower price for the car. If you're in a hurry to sell, this could result in settling for less than your vehicle is truly worth. When you work with a dealership like Sherwood Kia, once you agree on the price, we take care of the rest, including all of the paperwork that goes along with the process. If you're going about things on your own, you are responsible for this, which can be risky, especially if you're not familiar with selling a car.

Selling to a dealership is also safer, as you work with professionals in the industry, as opposed to strangers you may have met online. You never know who is a scammer, and if you fall into this trap, it can end up costing you. You can avoid all of this by partnering with Sherwood Kia when it comes time to sell your car. We take care of every facet of the experience so you can have the assurance you need knowing you completed the process quickly, safely, and easily.

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What Do You Need to Do Before You Sell Your Car?

You want to present your car at its best so that the dealership can realize its potential. After all, your vehicle has provided you with years of reliability, and you want to showcase this effectively. This means you'll want to clean it up before taking it to the dealership to sell. Make it shine again by cleaning the exterior, washing the windows, vacuuming the interior, and getting it sparkling. Clean the tires, shine up the dashboard, ensure it's ready to impress from all angles, and don't forget to remove any personal belongings inside and out.

Although a full detailing isn't required, it's recommended to clean up your vehicle a bit so that it is presenting its best side. If you don't want to do this yourself, there are plenty of vehicle detailing locations throughout Alberta that can help. Another thing that helps is addressing any paint chips, dents, and other small cosmetic issues. Perhaps you have a burnt-out taillight, or your interior dome light needs a new bulb. These are simple fixes that can make a huge difference in the presentation of your vehicle. It can sometimes even be worth it to visit a vehicle service center for a full workup.

Once you've cleaned up your vehicle, you'll want to become more familiar with its fair market value. What we can offer you depends on the resale value of your particular vehicle, its condition, and the demand for this vehicle in the local market. For instance, many Albertan drivers are interested in cars with all-wheel drive, so we can pay more for vehicles with these capabilities. Knowing what the market is looking for will help you have more realistic expectations when you finally sell your car.

Doing your research on reputable dealerships is also recommended, as you'll want to partner with a team of professionals you can trust to offer you what you deserve for your vehicle. Choosing a dealership that isn't trustworthy can result in disappointment in the money you get for your car, which can add stress to the overall experience. Do yourself a favour and work with the friendly team here at Sherwood Kia to get the most for your car.

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What Paperwork Do You Need?

You'll want to have all the documents necessary to complete the sale handy so that the process goes smoothly. Your vehicle's registration and your identification are the two main components to get the ball rolling with your sale. Other documents that can help make the process even easier include your vehicle's maintenance records. These will help us understand all of the services that have been performed on your car. They will also show how well you've stayed on top of regular maintenance because a properly maintained car means a safer and more efficient ride.

If you have any warranty documents, bring those as well. Having all of these important documents on hand will help the process go by faster and easier. Here at Sherwood Kia, we make your selling experience a breeze by working with you during every step of the process, so you never have to wonder whether you completed the sale correctly.

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Sell Your Car to Us!

When you choose to sell your car to Sherwood Kia, you'll experience a professional and convenient process from start to finish. Our incredible team is well-versed in all aspects of the process, and we work with you to establish a fair value for your vehicle so that you don't have any doubts that you made the right choice in selling to us. We work with plenty of local drivers from Sherwood Park to Edmonton, Leduc, and beyond, serving as a respected name in the industry that delivers the ultimate experience time and time again. Stop by and get started selling your car to a dealership you can respect and trust. When you want to feel satisfied with the amount you were offered for your vehicle and the process in general, you'll want to entrust the sale of your car to the capable hands of our team.