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Used Kia Dealership in Sherwood Park

A white 2023 Kia Sportage is shown from the front driving on a winding road.

If you’ve seen an increase in Kias on the road, you’re far from alone. Drivers across Alberta and all of Canada have been embracing the quality vehicles Kia has to offer. From their fuel efficiency to their sporty looks, Kia automobiles are bringing consumers just what they’re looking for––especially when shopping for an affordable used car. Whether you’re a single commuter driving into Edmonton every day or a parent shuttling the kids around from event to event in Sherwood Park, you can find a used Kia that meets your needs and exceeds them, making life less stressful and far more memorable.

We are a used Kia dealership in Sherwood Park dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding pre-owned vehicles that let them live the life they want to with fewer complications and a better budget. Thanks to how solidly made Kias are, a used Kia often can go toe-to-toe with another manufacturer’s new models. You’ll be able to purchase a quality used Kia at a much lower price than a new vehicle; combine that with Kia’s famed fuel efficiency, and your monthly budget will have a lot of extra wiggle room so you can spend on what you want. When you come to Sherwood Kia and select an option from our used inventory, you’re making a smart investment in your future.


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Explore Our Extraordinary Inventory of Used Kia Models!

We always make certain that our Sherwood Park showroom is packed with fantastic used Kia models for our customers to peruse. When putting together our inventory, we spend time thinking about the best vehicles to offer because we want our customers to have the ability to pick the model and trim that works perfectly for their driving needs and their aesthetic tastes. No one should ever feel like they’re settling due to a lack of options, and if you come to Sherwood Kia, we can promise you that will never be the case.

Kia produces a wide range of sedan and SUV options, including EV and hybrid models, so there’s no doubt about it: you’re going to find a vehicle you adore. If you’re a commuter driving into Edmonton each day or even heading down to Calgary occasionally for a business trip, consider buying a used Kia sedan. The Rio, Forte, Stinger, and K5 are all excellent options for you to take for a test drive. They’re stylish, but each in unique ways. They are also all fuel-efficient options, which means your visits to the gas stations around Sherwood Park will be rare indeed.

When it comes to SUVs, Kia produces several high-quality options. We make certain that our inventory is stacked with them, too, because we know that SUVs are perfect for Sherwood Park. It sure seems like they outnumber sedans when you’re on the road, right? That’s because SUVs are far more fuel-efficient than they once were while still offering ample cargo space and a nice sense of style. They’re great for single drivers, but for anyone who has a family, a used Kia SUV is basically a no-brainer both in terms of economics and capability.

The Telluride and Carnival are particularly good family vehicles, offering three rows of seats and tons of cargo space. If you want to take an afternoon trip to Broadmoor Lake Park or go camping for the weekend, space like this will be invaluable as it will allow you to bring along all the comforts of home so that you don’t have to cut your trip short. It also lets you shuttle gear around Sherwood Park, an all too common occurrence if you have kids who love to play sports.

A used Kia allows you to get the best out of your life while never forcing you to break the bank. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking purchase price or fuel costs: a pre-owned Kia will be a bargain you can’t believe you’re getting. It doesn’t matter if it’s an older car or a newer SUV: a pre-owned Kia will have the features you need. With a used Kia, your wallet will be thrilled, your family will feel like they have the space and cargo volume they need, and you’ll know you’re riding in a flashy, fun vehicle.

A man is shown getting out of the driver's seat of a red 2023 Kia Forte at a used Kia dealership in Sherwood Park.

We Have CPO Kias for Sale!

A number of our used Kias are Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models. When you’re shopping used, you might notice some options are labelled CPO; you’ll certainly notice that here at Sherwood Kia. CPO vehicles are as close to new as you can get while still buying used. They’ve undergone intensive inspections and have to meet a number of requirements in order to earn CPO status. When you buy a CPO Kia vehicle, you’re buying with an extra guarantee of quality.

What exactly does CPO mean? It means your used Kia has undergone a 135-point inspection. Our technicians examine every part of the vehicle to make certain it's in fantastic shape. You’ll be given a full Vehicle History Report so that you know exactly what your car has experienced in its lifetime. You’ll also be thrilled with the Mechanical Breakdown Protection. This optional program extends your car's manufacturer warranty up to five years, making it feel new because you’ll know it’s protected. If you are considering a pre-owned car but desire an extra level of confidence, you should keep an eye out for that CPO label because it’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for.

A black 2022 Kia Soul is shown from the rear driving on an open road.

Why Sherwood Kia?

We’ve probably convinced you of the benefits of a used Kia, but why should you work with Sherwood Kia to purchase yours? There are plenty of reasons. We’ve been around since 1999, so we know the Sherwood Park area exceptionally well. That means when we stock inventory, we always understand the type of vehicles to offer as we’re well aware of what local drivers will need their cars to do daily and on trips around Alberta and all of Canada.

In addition to being your local used Kia dealership, we also have a top-notch auto parts and Kia service center that can take care of all your automotive needs. If you need your tires checked and rotated or an oil change, our talented technicians will be ready to step up and do an amazing job that’ll have your vehicle working better than before. You can even schedule service right here on our website for your convenience.

You don’t have to just trust us, either. Our website hosts many testimonials from happy customers who couldn’t believe the excellent vehicle and service they found here at Sherwood Kia. In fact, we have been the top volume Kia dealership in Canada and are a recipient of the Kia Canada President’s Award. If it’s time for you to upgrade your driving life, then it’s time to contact our team.

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Find Your Used Kia Today!

Our used Kias are in very high demand, so don’t put off paying us a visit; you do not want to lose out on your perfect ride. Our customer service experts will always be eager to help you find the Kia that will make life easier for you. Whatever questions you have, we'll be ready to answer in as much detail as you’d like. It’s time for you to discover why exploring the used Kia market is the right move for your finances and your life here in Sherwood Park. Visit us today to get started!