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Enjoy Every Drive With Kia: Our Top 3 Used Cars for Sherwood Park Drivers

Enjoy Every Drive With Kia: Our Top 3 Used Cars for Sherwood Park Drivers

A blue 2022 Kia K5 is shown from the side stopped at a crosswalk after leaving a used Kia dealership in Sherwood Park.

It's nearly impossible to find a more beautiful, family-friendly place to live than Sherwood Park. Our vibrant city is a gem in Alberta's crown, and we are honoured to be part of that community as your premier used Kia dealership in Sherwood Park. We're your Kia destination and automotive home, dedicated to making your life better behind the wheel.


A used Kia is an excellent start to enhancing your life in Sherwood Park, whether navigating your weekday commute with the subcompact Seltos or showcasing your unique style with the Soul while you run errands in Edmonton. Sherwood Park drivers will also fall in love with the award-winning Telluride, efficient Sorento, value-packed Sportage, and well-appointed Optima that Kia recently rebranded as the K5.


Where do you start your journey to find the perfect used Kia for your needs? How can you guarantee the perfect fit for your life in Sherwood Park? Fortunately, you're in the right place as we showcase our top picks as the highest-ranked used Kia dealership in the area.

#1 - SUV Aficionados: Meet the Seltos

Sherwood Park drivers know the value of investing in an SUV that offers all-season confidence, and a used Kia Seltos provides precisely that. Kia introduced the Seltos to its Canadian lineup in 2021, marketing it as the right-sized SUV with available all-wheel drive. Today, Sherwood Park drivers reap the benefits on the used lot, with the Seltos recognizable by its higher ground clearance, praised for its intuitive all-wheel drive system, and revered for its high-value packaging. It's everything you want and more in an SUV.


Positioned between the Soul and Sportage, the Seltos is an excellent option for Sherwood Park drivers who want the versatility of a tech-savvy SUV that can handle every demand on the road. Kia guarantees the Seltos' competency, offering the SUV with two powertrains that produce as much as 175 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. This output complements the Seltos' all-wheel drive capability, especially when you have a set of high-quality winter tires to instill confidence throughout Sherwood Park's snowy winters.


Beyond its capability, the Kia Seltos is remarkably packaged with innovative technologies and conveniences. The Seltos features intuitive driver-assist technologies like Smart Cruise Control that can positively impact your commute to Edmonton throughout the week. Enhanced connectivity features via the UVO Intelligence telematics add to that experience, with the Seltos' tech-savvy cockpit keeping you connected, informed, and entertained. With the expansive center display, you can seamlessly sync your smartphone and enjoy an immersive listening experience courtesy of the Seltos' available Bose premium sound system.

A person is shown getting out of the rear side door of a silver 2023 Kia Telluride.

#2 - Families: Fall in Love With the Award-Winning Telluride

Sherwood Park is highly regarded as the perfect place to raise a family because it offers the conveniences of Edmonton without the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis. Its lush landscape, plentiful walking trails, and family-centric venues add to its appeal and reflect the heart and soul of this beautiful city. But how can a used Kia enhance that experience?


Sherwood Park families looking for the perfect SUV will find it with the award-winning Telluride. A relatively new entry into the Kia lineup, the Telluride has made a lasting impression over the last few years as the largest SUV in the Kia family. It's renowned for its sophisticated styling, modern technologies, luxurious interior, and potent capability. In short, it's everything you imagine a family SUV should be and far more.


Named the 2020 World Car of the Year, the Kia Telluride is a fan-favourite and rightly so. It's earned over 70 accolades since its debut in 2019 and showcases Kia's incredible success at blending luxury and functionality. The upscale cabin offers seating for eight, guaranteeing everyone's comfort across three rows outfitted with premium materials and plush seating. Beyond its luxury, the Telluride is also innovative, promising and delivering a transformative and confident experience every mile ahead.


Despite being a three-row SUV with a prominent footprint, a used Telluride defies expectations and handles like a nimble road warrior with a penchant for speed. Its potent V6 engine produces nearly 300 hp but conservatively sips fuel. Moreover, you can confidently harness that power knowing that the Telluride is equipped with a comprehensive suite of technologies that heighten your awareness and safety behind the wheel. These tools run the entire spectrum, from the Telluride's expansive camera system that offers a bird's eye view around the SUV to blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance tools.

A white 2020 Kia Optima is shown driving on an open road.

#3 - Commuters: Upgrade Your Ride with the Optima and K5

Kia's success is largely because of how attuned the automaker is to driver needs, whether you're from Sherwood Park, Edmonton, or further afield. Kia listens attentively to customer feedback, which shows in models like the Optima. Debuting in the new millennium, the midsize Optima has been a staple in the Kia fleet for decades and is one of the last remaining sedans in a rapidly dwindling segment. Kia uses this advantageously, rebranding the Optima as the K5 and breathing new life into the midsize marvel.


The Optima's long tenure in the Kia fleet speaks volumes to its appeal, from the upscale and tech-rich interior to the agility and responsiveness that's impossible to find anywhere else. These characteristics make the Optima a must-have for Sherwood Park commuters looking for even more in the driver's seat. The Optima's recent rebranding as the K5 as part of its redesign in 2021 only adds excitement to your search.


As one of Kia's longest-running nameplates, the Optima is a staple in our used car inventory. Since it's been around for decades, you have a wide range of options and can easily find a budget-friendly older model or a newer K5 with all the bells and whistles. For many Sherwood Park drivers, finding a used K5 is like hitting the proverbial jackpot because of its cutting-edge technology that delivers more power, heightened responsiveness, and every imaginable connectivity, safety, and driver-assist feature. This technology, like a split-screen touchscreen display, wireless smartphone connectivity, and a Bose premium sound system, makes the K5's packaging even more appealing on the used lot.

Getting the Most for Your Money With Kia

As the premier used Kia dealership in Sherwood Park, our job is to make your life in this vibrant city even better by bringing your automotive dreams to life. For some, that means getting behind the wheel of a value-packed sedan like the Optima or K5. For others, it means venturing beyond the city limits with their families in an award-winning SUV like the Telluride.

Either way, you're setting yourself up for incredible success and a transformative experience when you invest in Kia. Kia's upward trajectory over the last decade showcases the company's commitment to its customers, listening and responding to their needs with cars and SUVs that exceed our expectations. Our new inventory shows this firsthand, but our used car selection proves Kia has taken this approach for decades. That's where our customers reap the rewards.


You deserve to get excited when you're in the driver's seat, and with a used Kia, that excitement is possible. As you shop for the best used Kia, consider how it will enhance your life in Sherwood Park. How will it improve your commute or instill confidence as you take the kids to school throughout the week? How will it accommodate a week's worth of groceries or traverse our region's snowy winters? Fortunately, you're already ahead of the game by choosing Kia. Now, it's simply time to narrow your options, and that's all part of the fun.

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