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EVs For Sale In Sherwood Park

A red 2023 Kia EV6 is shown from the front at an angle.

Virtually every driver is interested in saving money on gas. While many factors go into the costs of owning a vehicle, how much we pay at the pump is a big one, and gas prices are largely unpredictable. This is one of the many reasons drivers have opted to turn to electric vehicles as an alternative to gasoline vehicles. Not only do EVs allow drivers to avoid taking frequent trips to the pump, but they also allow you to help protect the environment by driving a zero-emissions vehicle.

This possibility of saving money and going green is quite attractive for the drivers who inhabit the areas in and around Sherwood Park. If this prospect sounds enticing, it's time to pay Sherwood Kia a visit. We have a vast selection of electric vehicles from Kia’s fleet that can help lower your energy costs, provide a safe driving experience, and assist you in doing your part to support the well-being of the environment. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and have been considering the various EVs for sale in Sherwood Park, look no further.

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The Kia EV Fleet

As one of the most respected car manufacturers the world over, Kia has always placed a keen emphasis on manufacturing the best vehicles for drivers. With the popularity of EVs continuing to rise in recent years, Kia has seized the initiative and focused its attention on providing drivers with a wide range of EV options that you won’t find from any other manufacturer in the marketplace.

Kia Niro EV

Redesigned for the 2023 model year, the subcompact Kia Niro EV has already gained considerable recognition as one of the most capable electric crossover models. Although it shares its platform and name with the Niro Hybrid and Niro PHEV, the Niro EV is fully electric. Considering that there are dozens of neighbourhoods in the Sherwood Park area and a population that surpasses 70,000, the number of families who need effective and reliable transportation is vast. The Niro EV is the above-average choice for the average-sized family.

A white 2024 Kia Niro EV is shown from the side after leaving a dealer that has EVs for sale in Sherwood Park.

Kia EV6

When it comes to owning a vehicle that manages to strike the ideal balance of style and substance, the compact Kia EV6 is a top contender. This eye-catching and capable electric SUV is perfect for that road trip to explore the serene surroundings of Alberta. It offers electric all-wheel drive for excellent traction in winter weather and tons of tech features to improve your life on the roads around Sherwood Park. The EV6 encapsulates the sophistication of a luxury sedan with the long-range that EV customers look for.

Kia EV9

Most electric SUVs are compact or subcompact models with seating for five. However, the Kia EV9 proves that EV technology can also be adapted to much larger vehicles, including three-row family SUVs. Providing comfortable seating for eight passengers and a massive cargo area, this is the ecologically-friendly solution that the full-sized family has been waiting for. To demonstrate just how far technology has advanced since the first electric vehicles took to the road, Kia has equipped the EV9 with a wide range of standard safety and driving assistance features that not only enhance the time spent behind the wheel but will also bring a great deal of delight to the modern tech-savvy family.

A blue 2024 Kia EV9 is shown from the front at an angle.

Shop Our Selection of Used EVs

Cost is a primary concern for many Sherwood Park drivers who are in the market for a new vehicle. Here at Sherwood Kia, we believe in providing cost-effective quality, and these attributes can be found in our selection of used electric cars. Not only do we carry pre-owned Kia models that are marked down to meet any budget, but we also have EVs from several other brands representing every corner of the industry. If you think owning a quality used EV is out of your grasp, we’re here to put it within reach. Our financing department is here to work with you and your budget to figure out a structured payment plan that won't interfere with your lifestyle. For Sherwood Park drivers looking to trade in their current vehicle for an upgrade, we’re here to make you a generous offer to enhance your lifestyle.

Our Expertise Is Here to Work for You

You might think of us as simply a dealership. But we consider ourselves more than just a location that deals in EVs. We think of ourselves as a fixture of the Sherwood Park community that provides an essential service for the many people who live here. When it comes to buying and owning an electric vehicle, we want to lend our knowledge and expertise to you so you can make well-informed decisions. Just by looking at the offerings from Kia, it’s easy to see that the technology surrounding EVs advances by leaps and bounds each year. As such, our sales team works extra hard to stay ahead of the curve to fully understand what Kia has accomplished in the EV field and how these advancements can benefit you and your family.

We’ll take the time to go over the various models, trims, and accessories and answer any questions or concerns you might have about any electric vehicle you might be thinking of purchasing. Further, our commitment to you doesn't end when the paperwork is signed, we hand you the keys, and your new Kia EV makes its way from our lot to your driveway. When it comes to the routine maintenance that’s required to keep your purchase on the road and performing its very best, our parts and service department is also here to provide their knowledge to you. Maintaining an EV is less strenuous than a traditional gasoline vehicle, but it does require specialized knowledge and tools. Fortunately, our technicians understand the intricacies that are required to keep these models running smoothly. We work hard for you so you can get the most out of your EV.

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Visit Us and Experience the World of Electric Vehicles Today!

Ever since we opened our doors in 1999, we have had one single goal in mind: to provide the many drivers who live in the province of Alberta with exceptional vehicles of the highest quality. For the 70,000 residents of Sherwood Park, quality vehicles and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are working with a dealership that has their best interests in mind are both essential. These are two things that you’ll find when you come and visit us at Sherwood Kia.

As a fellow member of the Sherwood Park community, we only want what’s best for you. This means putting your interests first in every transaction we undertake and practicing complete transparency when doing so. We will work closely with you to help you find a vehicle that serves your immediate needs and situation. We’re drivers, too. We understand that selecting the perfect car is by no means a simple one-size-fits-all process. When you look at the EV offerings on our lot, you can see that this is something that Kia understands as well. No matter what your immediate needs might be in terms of the ideal vehicle, there’s a Kia EV in our inventory that’s waiting to fulfill your long-term goals. Visit us today and experience the difference for yourself!